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Work Boots

We also give a free set of boot strings with every purchase of a pair.

If what you need is not in stock, we do special orders to make sure you get boots that work for you.

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Stockings & Diabetic Socks

We have someone on site to help fit you into the perfect pair of compression stockings.

Come in today to see our extensive selections.

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Golden Lift Chairs

Sit in comfort and stand with ease in a new custom lift chair. Come in today to see our great selection of Golden lift chairs. It's not just a lift chair, it's a life chair. There are multiple benefits to having a lift chair, including:

  • Patient's that are recovering from surgery
  • Nursing moms
  • Sleep chair
  • And more
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Professional Grade Hearing Aids

We have a great selection of hearing aids from RxEars. Whether you need behind-ear or in-ear aids, we have you covered. Come in today to speak with a product specialist about your specific needs.

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Essential Oils

We have a variety of essential oils and diffusers to help you feel your best.

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Power Scooters

We offer a variety of power scooters at our pharmacy. Stop by and speak with a staff member to see what best fits you.